Friends of Historic Fire Station 62

News & Announcements

“Mis Palabras de Cuba” will be on exhibit till the end of this month at the Venice Grind Coffeeshop, 12224 Venice Blvd. in Mar Vista. As noted in our last blog posting which announced the June 10 reception, Neema Ahadian is generously donating the proceeds from sale of his photos to our community center project.

The reception was well attended. Pics in this posting depict various Friends of Historic Fire Station 62 in conversation with Neema, seen in the white shirt.

Neema exudes a certain warmth in his personality that comes through in his photographs. Whether he’s capturing the rich diversity of faces in portraits or the patina of age that graces every element on the island—chairs, cars, buildings—there’s a note of invitation in every frame. And for anyone who loves the cars of the ’50s, man, they still live on in Cuba, be it a ’52 sky blue Studebaker work truck trundling down a street almost as pitted as our own or a ’55 foam green coupe zipping along on a rain-slicked avenue.
Walk over to the Grind, pick up an iced coffee, and take in the photos. You just might take one home with you.
Neema Ahadian’s website can be found here.